G Sara Ross, LCSW-C in Maryland and LCSW in Virginia

Hello! I am a licensed clinical social worker and an Certified Advanced Enneagram Spectrum Teacher with a diverse background. I've worked in a residential setting with children, an inpatient hospital with adolescents, elementary and middle school aged kids in a school-based setting, and for the last several years, with adults in the outpatient and private practice settings. 

Middle and high school present their own obstacles and adjustments. I find these years can be quite challenging for many pre-teens and adolescents. What we think of as anxiety and depression can present very differently during these ages. You may see increased anger outbursts, more isolation, school avoidance, not engaging in activities that typically bring joy, and lots of irritability. 

In recent years, I've also come to really enjoy working with adults, especially those who identify with high functioning anxiety and/or depression, adult ADD/ADHD, and troubles managing anger. Anger is often looked at as a negative emotion. We will work together to normalize your experience and get a better understanding of where it comes from and how to manage it. 

As an empath myself, I find myself drawn to other highly sensitive people and empaths. If you too are an empath, or in a helping field like nursing, teaching, a doctor, or therapist, we may be a good fit to work together. We will work on setting boundaries, saying no, asking for help, turning off that pesky inner critic, and find ways to be compassionate and kind to yourself - all the things that empaths find challenging to do.  

My clinical background is in CBT, Mindfulness, Tapping (EFT and TFT), Self Compassion, and the Enneagram. Tapping can be a powerful strategy for anyone and if you are in a helping profession, it can be particularly helpful for protecting your energy. Similarly, the Enneagram can be an amazing tool for self-discovery and growth. 

LGBTQ affirming - I've had a bit of experience working with the LGBTQIA+ community and I am trained in writing gender affirming letters. 

Asking for help can be hard and takes courage and vulnerability. I believe the therapeutic relationship should come from a place of curiosity, empathy, and a little humor thrown in. I hope to provide a space where you can give voice to the inner dialogue while also building on the resources and skills you already have to be able to sit with and/or challenge that voice.

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